Company Profile


Found in 2002, SINSIM is a high-tech enterprise specializing in design, production and sales of high-grade computer embroidery machine and providing embroidery solution. The company has developed into a fixed asset of over 200 million, with a revenue of more than 600 million and an annual production of more than 5,000 modern model enterprises.
The company was shortlisted for the national torch program and  has been selected as "the enterprise that respect the contract and value the credit" and "the patent demonstration enterprise". SINSIM brand has been awarded honorary titles of "Zhejiang famous brand", "Zhejiang famous brand products" and is listed in China light industry sewing machinery industry top 10 in 2017.
At the beginning of 2010, SINSIM is committed to developing high efficiency and high quality computer embroidery machine, to carrying out strategic cooperation with universities in and outside the province and enterprises with international advanced technology, and to taking an active part in cross-industry, cross-domain and cross-regional scientific and technological innovation collaboration, leading the development and breakthrough of industry field.
Guided by science and technology, based on talents and relied on market, company sales are increasing at an annual rate of 18.89%. Product sales are far ahead of the world, especially having the absolute advantage in the field of computer embroidery machine and high speed double CAM embroidery machine domain.The market share of leading product reaches to 65%. The total market share of the company's products is about 12%, which is one of the largest and most dynamic and competitive leading enterprises in embroidery machine industry.
SINSIM is always committed to developing with times and unceasingly transcending oneself for more than 15 years. Facing the future, SINSIM will continue to forge ahead, and strive for the completion of the world's respected centennial enterprise!

SINSIM Development


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Around the "create a healthy living environment"
business purposes, unremitting efforts.

SINSIM Philosophy

Trademark creative introduction


The trademark is from the word sincere and simple, which is also the transliteration of its Chinese name, totally reflecting the company's founding purpose of "being faith and winning by quality". The trademark shows the company spiritual outlook of integrity, courage, fortitude and positive and optimistic attitude. The selection of green symbolizes the vitality of the enterprise and the infinite hope. The way of expression in English reflects the company's freshness and confidence facing with the world and future.


Whatever career you are in, you must set up the correct outlook on life, values and world view first, only in this way can you make right life choices, which is the premise and base to success. The growth of enterprise is same with the growth of people. A great enterprise must create unique, outstanding values and outlook on the organization members and make the right choice for the members of the organization to achieve ambitious idea! It is the SINSIM philosophy that we refer to.

What is SINSIM philosophy?

Core value of "win by honesty and quality"
Philosophy of "entrepreneurship, creation, innovation"
Development concept of "strengthen basic management, correct culture gene, improve innovatie ability, practice capital operation and comprehensive strategic marketing"