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 Zhejiang Xinsheng Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd.,

is a professional enterprise with high technology that engaged in development, production, design, service and sales computerized embroidery machines. Founded in 2002 and become one of the most significant manufactures on the Chinese embroidery machines market. With arround 10 years’ experiences of development and manufacturing, by closely cooperating with each University, and relying on Provincial New High-Tech Development Center Zhejiang Xinsheng Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd. It has produced more precise, advanced, and high-quality products. The various Embroidery Machines of “SINSIM” brand widely apply in the fashional field, like handbag, wedding Dress, Shoes/Hat ,Curtain, Bedspread, Accessories, Top Grade Art ware etc.; are also superior to quality, function, after-sales service in many ways, being deeply subjected to the favor of domestic and international businessman. Our company is mainly exporting products to India, Syria, Egypt, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, etc., owning as many as 100 cooperators. By the end of 2007, 1 item has been put into national Torch Program projects. 3 provincial high-tech products, declare national patent 27 item, 3 invention patents, 21 practicality new type patents, 3 guise design patent, obtain 20 accredit patents . Nowadays it has gained various reputation like “Excellent Enterprise” “AAA”Honesty Enterprise and “Honor Credit & Reliable Enterprise”. The product became the “Named Brand In Zhejiang Province”and “Famous Brand In Zhejiang Province”and etc. Since the enterprise established, Xinsheng focuses its development on quality training of the staff and brand building of “SINSIM”. On the basis of “Accredited for honesty, Succeeding for quality”,We sincerely hope Win-win cooperation from all over the world.

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