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Applique is a kind of common embroidery method, used to save the embroidery thread to make the pattern more vivid, and to change the color or material of the cloth. You can create a variety of patchwork embroidery with a different feel. Ordinary flat embroidery machine can be produced. The flat embroidery method is the earliest development of embroidery methods,  which means that the embroidery pattern can be made on flat embroidery (flat/barrel type) machine. With the progress of The times, different embroidery methods were developed. So solid 3D embroidery, hollow 3D embroidery, cording embroidery added with attached device, sequin embroidery and bead embroidery appear. Flat embroidery on the cut is the need to fix the fabric with a frame or open position method, and then embroider. Cut pieces can be made into clothes, hats, shoes, handbags and so on.