Super multi-head lace embroidery machine

Product application"

It is widely used in toys, handbags, shoes, hats, children's clothes, sweaters, underwear, bedding, curtains, towels, straw MATS, cloth, home textiles, denim clothing and has excellent performance in batch processing.
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Main technology and feature:

1.Adopt horizontal all-welded bearing-type anti-seismic frame
2.Adopt the three-axis linkage synchronous spindle drive design
3.The machine head adopts low oil self-lubricating unit
4.The machine head adopts modular assembly and independent removeable design
5.Horizontal extraction of needle rod frame design
6.Double color system
7.7-3.8KW main shaft power servo motor power drive
8.Low noise, high precision rotary drive system
9.Rotary automatic oil supply system
10.XY servo motor driven embroidery frame system
11.Y small difference medium drive embroidered frame drive system
12.Low inertia, high steel degree, wide frame support system
13.XY multi-bearing linear track system
14.Stepping motor automatic tangent system
15.1.6 times larger capacity shuttle bed
16.Fixed intelligent embroidery thread tension adjustment platform

General specification

Super multi-head lace embroidery machine specifications / size

TypeNumbers of threadsheadageHead distance mmEmbrodery area mmInner frame mmMachine size mm