NXE single-head embroidery machine

Product application"

The NXE single-head embroidery machine adopts the most advanced technology to meet the needs of diversified finished products
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Main technology and feature:

1.Universal embroidery machine used in home and commercial; Scope of embroidery: 550*350mm
2.10 inch LCD touch screen
3.Maximum embroidery speed: 1200 r
4.Intelligent foot adjustment function, suitable for thick cloth
5.Pick rod lock function to prevent face line air pull
6.Ready-made garments, hat embroidery, side frame and selection of high speed beads and high speed bead devices
7.Main components are more versatile (With conventional high-speed models)

General specification

NXE single-head embroidery machine specification

TypeNumbers of threadsSpeed(RPM)Embrodery areaMachine size

15Plain embroideryRead-to-wear embroideryHat embroideryLength (mm)Width m)Height(m)