Pure towel embroidery machine

Product application"

SINSIM towel embroidery / chain embroidery has wide development prospect in the field of children's clothing, home decoration, women's shoes and hats because of its strong stereo feeling, rich level, and riotously colourful, widely used in tablecloths, qu
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Main technology and feature:

1. The machine is multifunctional, which can make all kinds of traditional embroidery techniques on the same embroidery, added towel stitch, chain stitch and stitch embroidery effect, integrated with many designs and materials.
2. The highest speed can reaches into 1200 rpm, greatly improving the productivity.
3. The 6 color automatic conversion function lets you use color collocation flexibly.
4. It adopts a new color box to change colors, minimizing noise and stabilizing operations.
5. Flat embroidery 3/4/6/9/12/15 optional; Tower 4/6/9 optional.
6. It can change the head automatically, easy to do mix embroidery and plain embroidery.
7. Embroidered type: Chain, towel, coiling, tapping embroidery
8. Design of core component patents.

General specification

SINSIM-T Series Machines Specifications/ Main Dimensions

TypeTowel color numberNumber of threadHead distance mmEmbrodery area mmInner frame size mmMachine size mm