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Released time:2017-01-01

How do the computer embroidery machine adjust the needle bar to the dead point

The process of adjusting embroidery machine lower dead point

1. Open needle plate

2. Change to the pin position that needs to be adjusted

3. Turn the scale to 178°

4. Press the needle bar to fasten lower dead point. Loose the screw of lower point if can't do it in.

5. Place the lower dead point gauge on the aluminum frame, and fasten needle holder

6. Release screw of the lower dead point and press the pin down (Ensure that the pin is under the dead point gauge) and lock the dead point screw.

7. Pick it out if there is no space on the gauge. Turn the dial to 0 degrees and loosen the screw. Use your index finger or middle finger to press down the pin and use your big mother to hold it up and then lock the screw of dead point.

Note:1. When setting the dead point, pay attention to the direction of the pin. 2. After adjusting the lower dead point, it must adjust the upper dead center. However, after adjusting the upper dead point, no need to adjust the lower dead center.