Personal customization

SINSIM , International leading computer embroidery machine equipment manufacturer!

Being a designer embroiders your personal life.

The pursuit of personalized "private customization" has become a fashion since the film of private customization is published. People will design the pattern by themself and then embroider on their cloth, shoes and bags to pursue the fashionable life. NXE embroidery machine from Zhejiang SINSIM is hot nowadays in custom fashion clothes and fabric jewelry with its innovative and excellent quality.
Embroidering a beautiful life represents your high quality of life.

Product portfolio plan

Clothing embroidery frame
Hat embroidery device
Laser cutting
Flat embroidery device
Sequin embroidery device
Simple cording embroidery device
Carved hole embroidery deveice
Laser positioning device
Tapping embroidery
Shoes embroidery device
Bead embroidery device
Simple towel device

Networking Function

Several MT series embroidery machines can be networked simultaneously by advanced technology to build a more flexible and convenient production system. After networking, all machines can embroider the same pattern, or different machines embroider different pattern and different embroidery.