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Product of Cording/Tapping
Included flat embroidery, tapping embroidery and mixed embroidery function etc., each function could be set independently,the maximum revolution is more than 700 rpm. According to different produce situation, independent M embroidery devices could be adjusted by keyboard. For diversifying function, the machine could be adjusted thin and thick material. Automatic return original point system could make the disc return to original point; it is convenient to change embroidery material. In order to easily change frame and embroidery material, automatic presser foot and ready mode function could be found in this machine. After embroidery work the presser foot elevate promptly. Compatible function is another useful function, various ways to achieve your embroidery aim, like coiling embroidery, lace embroidery, feather pin embroidery, cording embroidery and hidden pin embroidery. The fresh and alive embroidery products could be realized.
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